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CBD Chill Noses Pet Tincture

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Our Chill Noses line will allow you to keep your furry friend a little more "chill", during those stressful situations.

This product comes in the form of a tincture, which is water soluble for the convenience of placing a droplet into your pet's water bowl for a drinkable dose. If that method is still too "ruff", you can drop a dose right under your dog's tongue to ensure a simple swallow. This tincture treat comes in the yummy peanut butter flavor that pets love!

500 MG bottle, serving size: 1ml (1 drop), servings per bottle: 30

Dosage Guide: Our pet tincture has a dropper included - measurable in ML. As with human medication, we recommend taking with food. Tip: Split the recommended doses between your pet's meals until you know the exact efficacy.

  • 0-25lbs = 0.5ml
  • 25-50lbs = 1ml
  • 50-75lbs = 1.5ml
  • 75+ = 2ml